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Insulation Services: For Energy-Efficiency

At CIA, we strive to provide you with top-notch insulation services. We have more than 40 years of industry experience. When you choose us, you can rest easy knowing a skilled team is handling your insulation needs.


The Pioneer in Spray Foam Insulation

We are the ones that established the benefits of spray polyurethane foam. It is a nonstructural insulation system designed for a wide range of interior commercial, residential, and industrial applications.


Why Choose Us

As the leading insulation solutions provider in Woodland, TX, we make sure to deliver no less than excellent work. To do this, we supervise the entire installation process, consult with the other trades (electricians, plumbers, etc.), and inspect the foam after the procedure.

Our Services

We offer a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial solutions. Our company provides insulation services for the following:


Our insulation services give your structures superior protection from air and filtration and moisture and filtration, which will lower your energy bill. Spray foam insulation also improves air quality by stopping airborne contaminants from entering your building.

Cold Storage Freezers and Coolers

Spray Polyurethane Foam provides superb insulation properties for coolers and freezers. This results in greater energy efficiency for your equipment. Therefore, you save more on operational costs over time.

Heated or Cooled Storage Tanks

We also provide insulation for industrial tanks. Whether you have thermal storage or a cooling storage, our insulation services can greatly reduce temperature fluctuations and lowers energy costs.

Sphere Tanks and Towers

Our company provides long-term solutions for spheres and towers that require thermal conservation or condensation control. We also strive to meet quality control standards in every project.


We have the most advanced insulation solutions for structures. Sprayed Foam Insulation applied to the underside of the roof deck provides interior climate isolation, by keeping the indoor conditioned air inside, and the ambient unconditioned air out side.

Sprayed SPF membrane roof systems applied to the exterior roof deck, or applied to the prepared existing aged leaking existing roof surface-when applied by CIA in Houston- have a proven performance record. Roof performance was confirmed by The Del E. Webb School of Construction, ASU Arizona State University in The Dean Kashiwagi PhD, PE. roof inspection report of 51 CIA roofs. Dean personally inspected the roofs located in the greater Houston area that were in service a minimum of 10 years. These roofs were performing in the most exposed circumstances i.e.. High summer heat, hurricanes, and heavy rains. The roofs installed by CIA and inspected by Dean, were confirmed to be the performance roof system for every building, but especially for critical buildings: Hospitals, Police, Fire and emergency housing centers etc. See Dean’s report Elsewhere on this website. ”NO MORE LEAKS”

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Do not hesitate to call us for more information about our services. We look forward to working with you.

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Select the roof system features of your choice by placing a check mark below in the appropriate margin. Then add any additional features and comments to the comments section at the end of the form. CIA will be pleased to prepare a bid proposal utilizing a roof system which includes the features you selected.



Sheet membranes: Custom job fabricated membrane:
2, 3, & 4 plies built up membrane 30-60 mils Single membrane thickness 1,500 to 2,000 mils


Membrane plies are 36" wide with seams that run the full roof length, plus seams at roll ends, at penetrations and at the roof edge. Membrane is one monolithic sheet no seams.
Method of attachment to the roof deck: loose laid and ballasted with aggregate, or mechanically Fastened with screws and plates, or glued with adhesive. Chemically self adhered- bonds chemically and becomes unitized to the under lying surface. The roof membrane is 100% fully adhered.
Sheet metal counter flashing is necessary to water-proof membrane ends, all penetrations through the roof, and at the perimeter. Membrane is self - flashing --- chemically adhering to both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Counter Flashing is not required.


Membrane is a vapor barrier. Membrane is not a vapor barrier - Breather perm rate of 3.0.
Traps leaked water in under the roof. Permeable Self Drying allows trapped water membrane to evaporate and pass out through the membrane.
Leakage and condensation saturates the roof and insulation. Membrane will not saturate from leakage or roof and insulation. Condensation, water vapor passes to the outside.
Trapped water requires the roof & insulation to be removed and replaced. Membrane insulation will not absorb liquid. The water will evaporate out.


Wet roof insulation causes loss of energy efficiency and corrosion of the deck. Membrane is Breathable allowing vapor to pass through to both the interior or exterior.
Thin membrane easily punctured. The entire membranes 1,500 mil thickness is waterproof, additionally the membrane is protected by a ?" to 1" blanket of aggregate.


Source of leaks are difficult to define as water can travel long distances between the membrane plies or the membrane the roof deck. Should a leak occur its source is easy to locate since the membrane is fully adhered, water and can only flow vertically through a puncture.
Membrane is easily damaged and leakage from foot traffic, hail, abrasion, wind blown debris, trapped moisture and thermo movement. 1,500 mil membrane with 1" blanket of aggregate is highly resistant to damage and leakage.


Repairs are difficult due to trapped water and the location of the leak is not easily found. Easily repaired via application of sealant or to re foam an area. With scheduled maintenance THE ROOF need never be replaced
Catastrophe potential for loose membrane to be blown off in a storm. Membrane is 100% adhered to structure.



UL wind up lift rating to I - 90 UL wind up lift rating to I -165


Membrane is black absorption of heat is transferred into the building. The URETHANE membrane is also an insulation, it repels heat from the outside before it can enter into the building, R-11 at 1,500 mils.



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